29 May 2011

Haigh Hall & Country Park

Haigh Hall and Country Park is absolutely massive!

I'm sure it has loads of history about the hall and who owns it but I never did like history so I won't go into that.  I'll rate it on it's 'free and easy' values for family days out.


Car parking                                   *****
Toilet facilities                              *****
Entertainment value for kids         *****
Entertainment value for adults      *****
Possible extras (£s)                       *****
Overall rating                               *****

Car parking (4 out of 5)
There is a large carpark at Haigh Hall which is right next to where you want to be so there isn't very far to walk.  Huge bonus.

However, the downside is there is a charge.  This is approximately £3 for the whole day so not too bad but free would be even better.

Toilet Facilities (2 out of 5)
The toilet facilities aren't too great.  They have everything you need, baby changing, disabled toilets etc but they always need a really good clean.  You can fit a pram into the ladies but you'd have to leave it near the sinks as it won't fit into any of the cubicles.

Entertainment value for kids (2 out of 5)
There's ponds, woods and large grassy areas all over the country park which the kids can entertain themselves in.  There is a playground but considering the size of the country park it's really disappointing.  There's so much space to make a huge, fantastic playground but that hasn't been done yet.

However, there is a great little train that everyone can go on and I personally love it.

Entertainment value for adults (2 out of 5)
This depends on the age of your child.  Mine are 3 and 1 so we're limited in what we can do and we have to entertain our kids.

There are some lovely places to walk but if you're dragging your kids behind you moaning that they're bored and tired then you will quickly tire of nice views and lovely gardens.

Adults can ride on the train too - yeah!

I told you I love the train.

I've never personally done all the walks available in the country park but it is huge so it can keep you entertained for ages.  You could also take your bikes and have a cycle around the country park which would keep you occupied.

Possible Extras £s (4 out of 5)
Luckily Haigh Hall doesn't have too much to spend your money on so it rates highly for saving money.  There's the obligatory ice-cream van, and the last time we went it served Mr Whippy ice cream so it was lovely, plus it was dipped in sherbert. Mmmm

Not too cheap though and it's right by the train station and the main path from Haigh Hall so not too sure how you avoid it if you're really saving money.
The train is only a couple of quid and I think under 5s are free.  If the train isn't running I'm always disappointed so I think it's worth the money.
Apart from the train, ice-cream and carpark you really don't need any money.

Overall free and easy rating (3 out of 5)
I believe Haigh Hall and Country Park is a place where you make your own entertainment.  It's a great place for picnics and perhaps meeting up with friends to play some good friendly sports and it has lovely areas to go for long walks, but it can also be a little boring if you're not well equipped before you go.

We took a frisbee and made it more exciting by throwing it in the trees and undergrowth.  Then we pretended that we were Stig of the Dump living amongst the trees!

As for it being FREE - pretty much so, apart from the car-parking.  If you're really skint you could always park away from the Hall and walk in but then that isn't too easy!

And as for it being EASY - Yes definitely.

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